Physics Tuition

Developed For Primary And Secondary School Students

Our Physics Programme offers a Foundational Concept 4: Complex living organisms transport materials, sense their environment, process signals, and respond to changes using processes that can be understood in terms of physical principles..

  • Complex Living Organisms Transport Materials
  • Sense Their Environment
  • Process Signals
  • Respond to Changes

Depending On What Needs To Be Taught, Your Child’s Individualised Learning Programme May Consist Of A Combination Of The Following Activities:

  • One-dimensional motion
  • Two-dimensional motion
  • Forces and Newton's laws of motion
  • Centripetal force and gravitation
  • Work and energy
  • Fluids
  • Thermodynamics
  • Impacts and linear momentum
  • Torque and angular momentum
  • Written Expression
  • Oscillations and mechanical waves
  • Electromagnetic waves and interference
  • Geometric optics
  • Electric charge, field, and potential
  • Circuits
  • Magnetic forces, magnetic fields, and Faraday's law
  • Special relativity
  • Quantum Physics
  • Discoveries and projects
  • Review for AP Physics 1 exam
  • Cosmology and astronomy

All Children Are Given A Free Initial Assessment To Identify Any Learning Gaps.

Our initial assessment will test students’ level of competence. It will produce a report which will detail the areas of weakness and the areas where students are strong and competent

The ETD programme is an intensive intervention programme.

It focuses on building the foundations of literacy by using:

Face to face teaching

Stimulating computer based learning

Homework and revision activities